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For high-voltage (HV) and high-current (HC) testing and designing in industries, laboratories and in research & development.

Design of HV and HC components and devices

  • Customer support in designing of additional test system components as HV shielding, over-voltage protection device, reactive compensation, fast switch-off circuit etc.

  • Calculation and manufacturing of protection arrangements for test systems, especially in case of test system combinations (performance of combined tests)

  • Design of optimum interfaces between test system and test object

  • Support for automation of test procedures

Training in operation of test systems and measuring instruments

  • Training of customer's staff in all fields of HV testing and measuring tasks

  • Hints for practical application of test systems and measuring instruments in factory and on-site

  • Training in maintenance and troubleshooting

Erection, commissioning, repair and re-commissioning, maintenance

  • Full scale of all services including after-sales service for test systems supplied by PowerHV

  • Performance checks of all test systems according latest IEC standards and proposals for maintenance and refurbishment

  • Troubleshooting in case of malfunction of test systems

Upgrade, update and refurbishment of existing test systems

  • Meets test systems supplied by PowerHV and all other manufacturers

  • Upgrade of controls, retrofitting by computerized automation systems

  • Extension of system performance by additional HV components

  • Replacement of measuring systems according latest standards related to measuring accuracy and calibration

Provides solution

  • According to the request of customers formulation perfect high voltage test whole solution.

  • Provides online support.

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