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AC resonant test system(variable inductance)

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AC resonant test system(variable inductance)

The AC resonant test system generates a continuous variable AC voltage for testing the HV capacitive object.

Capacitive test object includes cables, capacitors, GIS,  generator set, capacitive instrument transformer, etc. The variable inductance resonant test system can be used at 50Hz and 60Hz or even higher frequency. Because of its excellent sine waveform,the system is very suitable for the partial discharge measurement in high voltage AC voltage withstand test.

The advantage of the variable inductance resonant test system is low power requirement, i.e. only need to provide power loss of the test circuit. Quality factor is determined by the ratio between test power S and loss power P, which means only 1/Q of the test power is needed for the test. The resonant test system is lighter and more economical than the test transformer system. In case of break down and discharge, the system will loss resonance and the voltage will return to zero to avoid other failures.


  • Modular structure, less space is needed

  • Low partial discharge

  • Variable and flexible combination

  • When test object discharges, failure will not extend

  • State-of-the-art computer-aided control system provides a friendly user interface.

  • Complete security protection system

System Composition

The power of the test system is supplied through switchgear cabinet, voltage regulator and excitation transformer. If the reactor is metal tank type, the excitation transformer can be built into the reactor. Power filter, which is installed at the low voltage side, is used for reducing power interference to guarantee low partial discharge for measurement background in the partial discharge test.

Variable inductance reactor is the most important part of the variable inductance resonance test system. The inductance of the reactor is changed by adjusting the core distance, which is driven by a rare earth motor.

The high voltage filter is composed of two parts: isolation impedance and high voltage capacitor. The high voltage filter can be used to attenuate high-frequency interference and as the system basic load in partial discharge measurement.

The control and measurement system includes operating devices & industrial computers and instruments to measure voltage, partial discharge, and capacitance dielectric loss.

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