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Impulse voltage test system

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Impulse voltage test system

Impulse voltage test system simulates lightening impulse, lightening chopping impulse and switching impulse voltage waveforms with a wide range of voltage and energy, to test on high voltage power units. In coordination of steep wave device the system can test on insulators or insulator strings. The impulse voltage test system can be used as impulse current test system with a little changes, to test on surge arrestors for residual voltage test. The system can not only be used in industry, but also in research and training.

The impulse voltage ranges from 100kV to 7200kV


System can be used to test:

  • power transformers

  • cables

  • arresters (impulse current test)

  • generators, motors

  • insulators

  • bushings

  • GIS

  • instrument transformers

  • capacitors

  • other insulation materials

  • lscientific research and education


  • Low inductance of the whole circuit

  • easy and fast change of configuration, to satisfy various of testing requirements

  • computer-aided control system, user friendly operation interface

  • excellent safety protection device

  • can be used in combination with AC or DC test system

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