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Ring core heating transformer

Ring core heating transformer

The feed through transformer is designed as “” shape iron core, one side of the core can be opened at 45°. This design makes it easy to install test object (cable). Considering the universality of the use of feed through transformer on site, the design for the capacity is in a unified and suitable range. Before testing we increase or decrease the quantity of feed through transformers according to different cross-section & length of the cable. There are two taps at the primary of feed through transformer.

After calculation and verification, we take consideration of the DC resistance, reactance value, number of turns and insulation of the coil in the design of feed through transformer to ensure the safety & reliability for the operation of multiple units in parallel.

The cross-section of the iron core which is leaning on one side is 1.4 times more than the area of iron core which is straight. This can decrease the magnetic resistance of magnetic circuit.


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