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Modular cylinder type resonant reactor (variable frequency)

Modular cylinder type resonant reactor (variable frequency)

Cylinder type Reactors are in modules, can run in series or parallel, stackable. The insulating shell is made of epoxy reinforced glass-fiber, filled with oil. Usually, reactors run a short time at rated current.

**single insulating case reactor can be 400kV, connected in series, it can output 1600kV.

Insulating case reactor is hollow with layered windings, while metal tank reactor uses magnetic core with air gap and layered windings;

Inside the reactor there is oil-resistant rubber film, with adequate margin for expansion;

Double-ringed sharing rings, easy to disassemble;

The base is made of nonmagnetic permeance steel, easy to disassemble and transport. Multiple bases are needed depending on the series or parallel connection of reactors. There should be at least one base that is able to keep the balance in any case, with lifting devices.


1000kV 6A Variable Frequency resonant system for 750kV GIS onsite test
690kV 5175kVA Variable Frequency resonant system for EVN HCMC, Vietnam
Variable Frequency resonant system for GIS onsite test ,Shaker Power,Morocco
460kV 2530kVA for A Vuong Hydropower Joint Stock Company , Vietnam
64000kVA / 4*320kV 200A Variable Frequency resonant system For Qindao Hanhe Cable Co., Ltd ( 34kM 220kV Cable delivery test)
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