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Metal tank type resonant reactor (variable inductance)

Metal tank type resonant reactor (variable inductance)

Metal tank type: to be used as a separate reactor and the tank should be grounded. Such reactors can be placed next to a wall (and even can be placed outdoors) to save space. When it is placed out of door, a bushing is used to transmit the high voltage into the lab. Metal tank reactor can also be used in series or in parallel connection. When it is used in series connection, insulated support is needed. The reactor can be designed with taps. Metal tank type reactor can be used for continuous operation.


10/35kV-525kVA RTS for cable routine test, LS Cable
Tank type resonant reactor
350kV 15000kVA RTS for 220kV power cable routine test
350kV resonant reactor
150/100/50kV 3000kVA for LS cable
LS cable 150/100/50kV 3000kVA resonant reactor
350kV 35A AC Resonant Reactor
350kV 20A Cable prequalification test
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