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Cylinder type test transformer

Cylinder type test transformer

Insulated cylinder type: can be used in a single unit or cascaded, modular structure, easy to stack up. The insulated cylinder is made of epoxy reinforced glass fibers and filled with oil. Such a structure is suitable for indoor use, usually for short time operation (in accordance with IEC standard) at rated current. After running for the specified maximum time at certain current, the test transfromer needs to be cooled to ambient temperature, which means the usual pattern is intermittent operation.


300kV 1200kVA AC test transformer
400kV 400kVA AC test transfromer
200kV 400kVA AC test transformer
300kV 1A AC test transformer
1500kVA 1500kV AC test transformer
1500kV 1A AC test transformer
100kV 30kVA AC Test transformer
1000kV 1000kVA AC Test Transformer
500kV 250kVA AC Test transformer for UTE,Uruguay
500KVA 500KV AC Test Transformer for SIEMENS TRANSFORMERS Spa
1650kVA 1650kV AC Test Transformer for Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute
3000kVA 1500kV AC Test Transformer for China Electric Power Research Institute
3600kVA 1800KV AC Test Transformer for Xian High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute
1950kV test transformer for South Power Grid of China
1000kV for ABB
1500kV and 1000kV for ABB
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