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Column type voltage regulator

Column type is an autotransformer that voltage can be continuously regulating. It has a good output voltage sine waveform; the lower limit of the output voltage can be zero; regulator characteristic are smooth, continuous, linear; impedance voltage can be controlled in a small range; small noise operation, and the same phase between output voltage and input voltage, etc., is an ideal high-voltage test regulator. Voltage Regulator.pdf ...

Induction Voltage Regulator

Structure and electromagnetic principle of induction voltage regulator is similar with winding type asynchronous motor; energy conversion relation likes transformer. It changed by adjusting the angular displacement of the rotor, change the stator or the rotor windings of the inductive potential phase (three-phase), amplitude (single phase), in order to achieve the purpose of non-contact voltage regulating. Voltage Regulator.pdf ...

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