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Cable end terminations

Cable terminations are used in routine, sample, and type testing of plastic-insulated medium and high voltage cables according to IEC 60840 (30-150kV), IEC 62067 (150-550kV), IEC 60060-1, IEC 60060-2 and IEC 60270. They act as the connection between the test object and the high voltage test system. There are two models of cable terminations using different techniques depending on the test voltage of the cables to be tested. Oil termination systems are used to test medium voltage cables with t...

Water condition unit

Water treatment device CWD series de-ionized purifying water devices take the intelligent control system and user-friendly design; they make the system more stable and easier to maintain. This set of device equipped with cooling unit that used to distribute the heat produced during the test, and maintain pure water conductivity that meet test requirements. Advantages: Tube connection takes the quick connector. Large capacity water tank Automatic conductiv...

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