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AC resonant test system(variable inductance)

The AC resonant test system generates a continuous variable AC voltage for testing the HV capacitive object. Capacitive test object includes cables, capacitors, GIS,  generator set, capacitive instrument transformer, etc. The variable inductance resonant test system can be used at 50Hz and 60Hz or even higher frequency. Because of its excellent sine waveform,the system is very suitable for the partial discharge measurement in high voltage AC voltage withstand test. Th...

AC resonant test system (variable frequency)

Applications Variable frequency resonant test system is used to do AC voltage withstand test on the field for capacitive objects, such as power transformers, power cables, turbine, and hydraulic generators. At power frequency, since the large capacitance of test objects and required high testing voltage, the power of the used source is necessarily high. Compared to traditional AC test systems, the variable frequency test system is featured by small dimensions, lightweight and easy m...

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