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Power cables of all voltage and current ratings have to be tested and measured for numerous types of electrical testing. The testing depends on service phase ranging from development, manufacture, to routing and long-term operation. PowerHV offers required test systems for all kinds of testing and concerned measurement equipment as well.

  • Fully shielded high voltage measuring booths with AC resonance systems, water terminations, sensitive PD measurement equipment with PD flaw detection for routine testing of AC and DC voltage cables

  • Impulse voltage, AC and DC voltage test systems, and heat current test systems for type and long-term testing (prequalification testing)

  • Mobile AC and DC voltage test systems with PD measurement technology for on-site testing after routing and maintenance work was performed, also for extremely long cable systems

Routine test AC Test System for XLPE Cable up to 500kV.pdf

Type test

Prequalification test

Onsite test

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