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  • Cables

    Power cables of all voltage and current ratings have to be tested and measured for numerous types of electrical testing. The testing depends on service phase ranging from development, manufacture, t...  more
  • Transformers & Reactors

    Transformers and reactors are subjected to a series of testing to ensure their safe running both before and after the installation, including routine test, type test and on-site test. The tests that ...  more
  • GIS

    GIS ( Gas-insulated switchgears ) Test equipment for routine test, type test and on-site test of GIS/GIL should generate a range of testing voltages and power ratings as well as frequencies. Volta...  more
  • Capacitors

    Power capacitors are widely used in electrical industry, such as HV compensation capacitors, starting capacitor, phase changers, etc. Thus testing requirement for various capacitors are diverse. Powe...  more
  • Bushings

    PowerHV offers one-stop service including test equipment for routine and type test, concerned measurement instruments ( e.g. PD measurement and C/tan delta) and consult for bushing testing. Routine ...  more
  • Arresters

    PowerHV offers testing solution for both installed arresters or individual arrester disks. We perfectly match components to form combined impulse and AC voltage test systems. We also supply testing a...  more
  • Instrument transformers

    Instrument transformers are largely used in test bays. PowerHV offers full set of testing equipment and the concerned measurement instruments of high accuracy, e.g. partial discharge measurement. We ...  more
  • Generators & Motors

    PowrHV offers stationary test bays or moveable test systems for on-site use, on request of the customer. Components of moveable test systems are compact and small in size, so that they can be transpo...  more
  • Research & Development

    Particularly suitable for research and development, PowrHV offers modular AC, DC, impulse voltage test systems voltage and power classes can be spanned. The test systems are designed on basis of cust...  more
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