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Analysis of Transformer Loss Measurement

2020/4/14 17:08:46

Abstract: The transformer is a kind of static electric appliance and can transform the voltage, current and impedance. Because of its variety, transformers are widely applied ranging from large-sc...

Test Device of UHV Transformer’s AC Withstand Voltage and Partial Discharge (PD) Tests

2020/4/14 17:04:58

Abstract : This paper summarizes research status of test device of UHV transformer’s AC withstand voltage and PD test; Referring to 1000kV transformer test data from UHV test base of Wuhan High...

How to Evaluate the Aging and Lifespan of Oil-immersed Transformer

2020/4/14 16:56:47

Introduction : According to transformer aging mechanism and referring to relevant studies at home and abroad, the paper evaluates the aging and residual life of 330kV power transformer by means o...

Long-time Induced Overvoltage Withstand Test of 800kV Step-up Transformer of Laxiwa Hydropower Station_Transformer

2020/4/14 16:50:53

Introduction : The variable frequency method is used to carry out the long-time induced overvoltage withstand test of Laxiwa 800kV Step-up transformer. The test conditions, selection of main test...

Analysis of the Excessive Partial Discharge at Valve Side of ±800kV Converter Transformer during the AC Withstand Voltage

2020/4/14 16:45:53

Introduction : Excessive discharge has been found in the 2.1 bushing at the valve side of HY12 converter transformer in Yunan-Guangdong UHVDC project during the AC withstand voltage test and pa...

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