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Analysis of Variable Frequency Resonant Withstand Voltage Test for 220kV Long Cable On Site Testing_Power Cable

2020/4/14 16:40:44

Abstract : Newly-completed 220kV cable line in the eastern urban area of Jinan city is 7.97km and has large capacity. If we want to carry out withstand voltage test, power source capacity, maximum ...

Partial Discharge and Growth Characteristics of Electrical Trees in 110kV XLPE Cable Insulation at High Temperature

2020/4/14 16:27:21

Abstract : By using real-time microscopy digital image and PD continuous measuring system, we studied the shape properties of electrical tree, initiation, growth law and PD characteristics in 1...

Onsite AC Dielectric Test for 220kV Long XLPE Cable

2020/4/14 14:11:56

Abstract: Conducting AC dielectric test for completed cables can ensure reliable and secure operation of cable. Through comparison and discussion of a 220kV cable withstand voltage proposal, var...

Test Methods of XLPE Cables

2020/4/14 13:39:26

Introduction With As the electric cable is extensively used, two topics are raised: ① how to locate the fault quickly and correctly after the cable is out of order; ② how to carry out effective t...

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