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C & tan delta measuring systems

C & tan delta measuring systems

PowerHV offers the high-precision measuring bridge and standard capacitor for the C & tan delta measuring.

The PHQS87 is a high precision bridge particularly for use in laboratory. It mainly takes advantage of current comparison, which makes it extraordinary precise and reliable in measurement and distinguishes the bridge from Schering bridge and high voltage dielectric loss tester. The use of computer-aided data processing unit makes the measurement more intuitive and convenient. Using in conjunction with high voltage standard capacitors, the bridge is functioned to measure under high voltage capacitance and tgδ of high voltage products such power cables, bushings, power capacitors, reactors and transformers. It can also test dielectric constant and tgδ of solid/liquid insulating materials, or ratio error and phase error of power/instrument transformers. The bridge can be connected with CT to expand its range. When testing large power capacitors, the bridge applies four-terminal measurement with compensation device to eliminate error caused by connecting resistors and enhance the measurement precision. The bridge is able to test inductance and quality factor of reactors as well. Range expander (available for optional) can improve the capacitance ratio from 1000:1 to 106:1.

A wide range of different sizes, values and voltage ranges standard capacitors which is used together with a C and tan delta measuring bridge are available.

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